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Natural Products. Pharmaceutical Quality.

We anticipate and exceed consumer expectations in providing quality, innovation, value and convenience. Our commitment lies in growing our vitamin and supplements business while continuing to implement environmentally sound business practices and manufacturing operations.

At Webber Naturals we value good health. We’re passionate about creating vitamins, minerals, and herbal formulas of unmatched quality. Our supplements aren’t just natural, they set industry standards for purity and potency.

Holista health helps find natural ways to maintain and enhance life. With dietary supplements, creams and topical products made of high quality ingredients, you can feel confident that we have your health at heart.

Made with delicious fruit flavours, Sunkist® vitamins provide health support in a high quality supplement families can trust. All Sunkist® vitamin products are tested, trusted, and effective so you can rely on us to get the best for every member of the family.

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MetaSlim products are nutritional supplements formulated to help achieve weight goals without sacrificing good health. From Apple Cider Vinegar to Green Tea extract, MetaSlim products are formulated by doctors, tested and re-tested for purity and potency.

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The Diabetex product line is designed to provide nutritional support and reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes or its risk factors. The 4-step Diabetex plan includes a strong foundation, Diabetex Eye Care, Diabetex PGX and Diabetex Multi Vitamin.

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FemmeCalm™ products are designed specifically to address the leading health concerns of women. Unique formulas, created with only the purest ingredients, work at a cellular level to help women feel and look their very best.


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MultiSure® are multivitamins and multiminerals delivered in easy-to-swallow capsules available in five custom formulations: Men’s MultiSure, Women’s MultiSure, Men 50+ and Women 50+ formulas, and a new Prenatal Multivitamin.


To fulfill our goals, we count on our finest natural resource: our people. We are as committed in selecting our staff as we are in choosing the ingredients for our products.

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